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Sister's      Keeper

Have you ever needed just a little bit of encouragement to get through a new stage in life? My Sister’s Keeper is just that…  A bit of encouragement for a sister in need.

Sister's Keeper_The Cherrilyn Edition

The Story:

Cherrilyn received a report from the doctors concerning her kidneys.  Cherrilyn believes that God will heal her; yet, she is struggling with eating right.  The doctors believe that with proper diet and exercise, Cherrilyn can halt the decline of her kidney function.

The Encouragement:

Let’s encourage Cherrilyn to eat the foods by joining her in the new diet.  For us, it will just be one week to help jumpstart Cherrilyn’s new diet.  For Cherrilyn, it will mean the world.


During the week of Sunday, November 6, 2016 through Saturday, November 12, 2016 we will get our protein from plants instead of animals.

  • Eat dark, leafy vegetables

  • Eat no animal protein

  • Limit our soda intake

  • Limit our sodium and sugar intake


Take the pledge to encourage Cherrilyn today!

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