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Single Mommy




In the midst of the revelation that I had to raise my children without my spouse, I asked myself, “How can I do this alone?”  Before I could go deep into a depressive abyss, I answered myself, “How did you do it when you weren’t alone?”  Instantly, my mind flashed to the arguments, the emotional turmoil, the distractions, and to the mother and leader I was when I was living in a marriage that brought out the worse in me.


I quickly gathered, in my mind, my current situation, which were pictures of peace, joy, civilized conversations, and me laughing and enjoying the ups and downs with the children even though I was without my soon to be ex-spouse.  With joy, I came to the best revelation, “Oh! That’s how I’m going to do this alone.”  I will do it with the peace of God and with His grace.  It’s with this thinking that I created  the Single Mommy Chronicles  and the Relationship Chronicles


I openly admit that I believe raising children should be done with two people.  I also openly admit that raising children alone is quite difficult.  So, I do not intend to glorify raising children alone as if it’s a breeze, but I intend to openly speak of the struggles and the blessings of God in the midst of the struggles. 


This community is designed to give an outlet to women to share stories with other women about random events in the life as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.  The idea is to engage in conversations that uplift and inspire

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